Rail bridge scales

Rail bridge scales

Rail scales meet the requirements set by the Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic for scales used in trade.

The scales can alternatively be used in reinforced concrete or steel. They are suitable for static weighing as well as for weighing while moving. They are also suitable for weighing wagons with liquid material. The wagons can be weighed individually (uncoupled) or combined in a set.
The scales can be one bridge, on which the wagon is weighed in parts or as several bridges, on which the whole wagon is weighed together.

The substructure can be monolithic or prefabricated, using a prefabricated tub is very quick assembly, min. communication downtime, in case of weight removal, fast and less costly relocation is required.

The scales can be operated with or without an operator with a self-service terminal.

Standard bridge lengths: from 5m to 12m. Different scale lengths can be unloaded from standard bridge lengths. The length and composition of individual bridges is determined by the dimensions of the weighed wagons.
Standard width of bridges: 2 m
If required by the customer, it is also possible to produce special widths and lengths of scales.

When using sensors with digital output, the following is guaranteed:
• higher resistance to electromagnetic interference and environmental changes
• The indicator allows diagnostics of the entire system as well as each sensor separately
• trouble-free operation of the weighing electronics.

The evaluation PC enables the connection of optional peripherals, eg information carriers located on wagons, track switches, traffic lights, external displays, cameras with the possibility of storing photographs in a database, or for recognizing wagon numbers, radiation gates, etc., semi-automatic or automatic weighing.

Technical specification:
Weighing range: up to 150,000 kg
Accuracy: OIML, class III
Scale step: 20, 50 kg
Strain gauges: with analog or digital output
Sensor resolution: 3,000 – 6,000 divisions

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