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Electronic scales and weighing systems

The ELECTRONIC SCALES AND WEIGHING SYSTEMS division deals with the design, production, assembly, delivery and service of scales and weighing systems. At present, the company TENZONA Slovakia s.r.o. with more than 2,500 applications of electronic scales and weighing systems, among the market leaders. TENZONA Slovakia s.r.o. supplies road bridge scales, rail scales, platform scales, laboratory scales, hopper scales, dosing scales, belt scales, crane scales …

Designs optimal solutions for electronic weighing systems according to customer requirements. Turnkey implementation includes construction projects, engineering, construction supervision, construction and installation of scales, software for evaluating weighing data according to user needs, warranty and post-warranty service, operator training, ensuring official verification, revision of electrical equipment.

In addition to the above activities, TENZONA Slovakia s.r.o. also deals with the development of new progressive systems in the field of industrial weighing. It also provides reconstructions of existing electronic or mechanical scales in the form of hybridization and electronization.

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Floor grates and stair treads

The FLOOR GRIDS AND STAIR LEVELS division deals with the supply of gratings, steps and grate-based products.

At present, the company TENZONA Slovakia s.r.o. is one of the market leaders with more than 6,500 tons delivered to Slovakia. TENZONA Slovakia s.r.o. supplies welded floor gratings SP and welded stair treads TSP, pressed floor gratings PR and pressed stair treads TPR, profiled floor gratings SR and profiled stair treads TSR, safety ladder partitions LS, fence parts ZE, clamps for gratings BE …

As part of our services, we provide consultations for buyers, designers and architects and design optimal solutions for the application of floor gratings, and we also ensure the transport of goods directly to the customer.