Road level scales above level

Road level scales above level

Our road scales meet the requirements set by the Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic for scales used in business.

Serious bridges can be reinforced concrete or steel, structurally designed for loads in accordance with STN 736203, load class B.
For solid reinforced concrete panels, waterproof DIN-compliant concrete is used, which is also waterproof, frost-resistant, resistant to de-icing salts.

The substructure can be monolithic or prefabricated, using a prefabricated tub is very quick assembly, min. communication downtime, in the case of weight transfer, is faster and less demanding to move the weight.

The scales can be operated with the operator or as an unattended with a self-service terminal, where the driver can remain in the vehicle during weighing.
The scales can be single body scales on which the vehicle and trailer are weighed together, or as two bridge scales on which the vehicle and trailer are weighed separately.

Our bridges have a standard width of 3 m and a length of 6, 8 and 9 m. By assembling several bridges, weights of different lengths are created, e.g. 16m, 18m, 22m, ..
At the customer’s request, it is possible to produce special lengths of scales.

When using sensors with digital output, the following is guaranteed:
• higher resistance to electromagnetic interference and environmental changes
• two-way sensor communication system
• The indicator allows diagnostics of the entire system as well as each sensor separately
• trouble-free operation of the weighing electronics.

The evaluation PC allows the connection of optional peripherals, e.g. contactless card readers, barcode and QR code readers, information carriers placed on vehicles, optical barriers, traffic lights, external displays, vehicle arrival indication, cameras with the possibility of storing photographs in the database, or for recognition of ECV, radiation gates, etc., semi-automatic or automatic weighing ..

Technical specification:
Weighing range: 200 kg to 80,000 kg
Accuracy: OIML, class III
Sensor resolution: 3,000 to 6,000 divisions
Strain gauges: with analog or digital output

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