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The scales are estimated for a calibrational weigh place, are up to standards of the Office for normalisation, metrology and certification SR (see Certificates) for the scales applicated in a commercial relation. Maximal allowable errors meet class III, following norm STN EN 45 501 - Metrological aspects of the scales with a non-automatical function.

Benefits, characteristic symbols

don´t exceeded a level of a surrounding terrain, don´t block drive tracks,
dispense raid ramps
possibility of a lower building utilization after an unmounted mechanical scale,..
shallow lower building /a tank bottom -615cm/
using the prefabricated tank -very quick installation, min. time of a communicational layoff -at potential removing of the scale - fast and less expensive removal.
near using of the digital scanners -an advanced resistance towards to the electromagnetic troublesome surrounding effects and the effects of the thermal changes -a bidirectional communicational system of the scanners- an indicator enables self-diagnostics of a whole system and at the same time the diagnostics of each scanner particularly - trouble free running of a weighting electronics.
decoding PC enables connecting of the arbitrarial peripheries - the contactless card counters, optical gates, traffic lights, external indicators, indication of the vehicle arrivals, cameras with an possibility of a photo deposition into a memory and etc., which presents a possibility of an automation of a scale operation till to the full automatic unattended scale version.
Technical specification:
Rozsah váživosti:200kg-80.000kg
Krok stupnice:10kg, 20kg
Presnosť:OIML, trieda III
Rozlíšenie snímačov:3.000d - 6.000d
Tenzometrické snímače:0782 analog, MX digital
Váhový indikátor:IND226, IND135, IND310, IND780, WE2108
Nosič zaťaženia:concrete, steel
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