Welded floor gratings SP

Welded floor gratings SP

Welded floor gratings SP are made with the most modern technology of resistance welding of the carrier strip and cross bar. Welded gratings SP have the same load capacity as pressed gratings PR, but they are lighter and cheaper. They also have greater compactness in additional modifications (cuts on site). Standard DIN 24537.

SP / 34×38 / 30×2 / Zn / L x B
Welded floor gratings SP, eye 34×38, hot-dip galvanized
Carrier tapes standard: 30×2, 30×3, 30×4, 40×2, 40×3, 20×3
Extra carrier tapes: 40×4, 40×5, 50×4, 50×5, 60×5, 70×5
Support dimension (L): direction of support strips (150 mm – 1500 mm)
Non-bearing dimension (B): economical 1000 mm (otherwise 150 mm – 1500 mm)

Economic dimensions of gratings (discounted price and delivery date):
Welded floor gratings SP, carrier tape 30×2, galvanized
500 x 1000; 600 x 1000; 700 x 1000; 800 x 1000; 900 x 1000; 1000 x 1000; 1200 x 1000

Anti-slip toothed grate (XSP) is available for all types of standard carrier tapes. The availability of anti-slip serrations for thick carrier strips must be checked in advance.

The SP stainless steel welded grate design is available in 30×2 and 40×2 tape versions.

SUPPORTING DIMENSION (L), ie the direction of the load-bearing strips, is always perpendicular to the supporting structures. It is the distance between the supports, which the grate bridges with load-bearing strips. We dimension the load-bearing tape according to the required load-bearing capacity for a specific distance between the supports in lengths of 150 mm – 1500 mm (applies to gratings as well as steps).

NON-BEARING dimension (B), ie the direction of non-bearing bars, is always PARALLEL with the supporting structure. It is effective to apply as many grates as possible with an economical non-load-bearing dimension B = 1000 mm (full width of the production line). Atypical non-load-bearing dimensions B ≠ 1000 mm (400 – 1400 mm) usually have only end or edge pieces.
The agreed standard non-bearing dimensions B = 240 apply to the steps; 270; 305 mm. Mounting holes are pre-drilled on the sidewalls at the prescribed spacings n = 120; 150; 170 mm.

In the record, the BEARING dimension (L) is always entered in the first place and the BEARING dimension (B) in the second place, ie
L x B. The exchange of load-bearing and non-load-bearing dimensions has a fundamental effect on the safety, load-bearing capacity and service life of the grate.

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