Pressed floor gratings PR

Pressed floor gratings PR

Pressed floor gratings PR are made by cold pressing of the supporting tape and the transverse tape. Standard DIN 24537.

PR / 34×33 / 30×2 / Zn / L x B
Pressed floor gratings PR, eye 34×33, hot-dip galvanized
Carrying tapes standard: 30×2; 30×3; 30×4; 40×2; 40×3; 50×3; 50×4; 20×2; 20×3
Carrying dimension (L): 150 mm – 1500 mm (direction of carrying straps)
Non-bearing dimension (B): 150 mm – 1500 mm

Anti-slip toothing of pressed gratings (XPR) is available for all types of carrier straps.

The design of pressed PR stainless steel gratings is available in 30×2, 30×3, 40×2 and 40×3 tape versions.

SUPPORTING DIMENSION (L), ie the direction of the load-bearing strips, is always perpendicular to the supporting structures. It is the distance between the supports that the grate spans the carrier straps. We dimension the load-bearing tape according to the required load-bearing capacity for a specific distance between the supports in lengths of 150 mm – 1500 mm (applies to gratings as well as steps).

NON-BEARING dimension (B), ie the direction of non-bearing bars, is always PARALLEL with the supporting structure. It is effective to apply as many grates as possible with an economical non-load-bearing dimension B = 1000 mm (full width of the production line). Atypical non-load-bearing dimensions B ≠ 1000 mm (400 – 1400 mm) usually have only end or edge pieces.
The agreed standard non-bearing dimensions B = 240 apply to the steps; 270; 305 mm. Mounting holes are pre-drilled on the sidewalls at the prescribed spacings n = 120; 150; 170 mm.

In the record, the BEARING dimension (L) is always entered in the first place and the BEARING dimension (B) in the second place, ie
L x B. The exchange of load-bearing and non-load-bearing dimensions has a fundamental effect on the safety, load-bearing capacity and service life of the grate.

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